Research at the UCLA PEERS® Clinic is both ongoing and exciting! Publications in pivotal journals of the evidence supporting the PEERS® for Adolescents and PEERS® for Young Adults interventions can be found at the bottom of this page. For more information on these publications, please contact us at 310-26-PEERS or

Research Collaborations

California Institute of TechnologyDr. Ralph Adolph's lab at Cal Tech is currently conducting innovative and exciting research on Autism Spectrum Disorder with a variety of studies open to participation. One of these studies investigates changes in the social brain after participation in the PEERS® intervention. For more information regarding these studies and how to participate, please see the flyer (file below) or contact or 626-395-4868. 

Marquette University: Researchers at Marquette University in Wisconsin, under the direction of Dr. Amy Vaughan Van Hecke, conduct research on the changes observed in EEG readings of the social brain as a result of the PEERS® intervention. For more information regarding research conducted at Marquette University, please contact

Virginia Tech University: Researchers at the Virginia Tech Autism Clinic, under the direction of Dr. Angela Scarpaare conducting research on the PEERS® intervention with adolescents, young adults, and preschoolers. For more information about PEERS® research at Virginia Tech, please contact 

Seoul National University South Korea: Dr. Hee Jeong Yoo in the department of psychiatry at Seoul National University has translated and cross-culturally validated the PEERS® intervention in South Korea, and has published the first translated version of the PEERS® manual in Korean. For more information about PEERS® research in South Korea, please contact 

Bar Ilan University Israel: Dr. Ofer Golan in the department of psychology at Bar Ilan University is conducting cross-cultural validation research on the PEERS® interventions for adolescents, young adults, and preschoolers in Israel. For more information about PEERS®  research in Israel, please contact

Erasmus MC and Yulius: After translating and culturally adapting the PEERS® program for the Dutch population, researchers at Erasmus University Medical Center in the department of child and adolescent psychiatry and Yulius Academie are now conducting a randomized controlled trial to assess the effectiveness and to establish the evidence-base for the Dutch PEERS® intervention. The researchers will be conducting the randomized controlled trial using an active control condition, ROAD (puberty psycho-educational intervention). In addition to PEERS®, Erasmus MC and Yulius also conduct research on various interventions that focus on optimizing care throughout the lifespan for individuals with ASD. For more information about PEERS® research in the Netherlands, please contact the Project Leader, Dr. Kirstin Greaves-Lord, at

Shanghai Jiaotong University:
Researchers at Shanghai Jiaotong University, under the direction of Dr. Yasong Du, conducted a randomized controlled trial to culturally validate and to establish the efficacy of the Mandarin version of the PEERS® for Adolescents (Parent-Assisted) intervention. For more information regarding research conducted at Shanghai Jiaotong University, please contact
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Research Publications on PEERS®

Research on PEERS® for Adolescents 
Research on School-Based PEERS® for Adolescents 

Research on PEERS® for Young Adults  

Research Posters on PEERS®

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