Brain Boot Camp

What is Brain Boot Camp?
Brain Boot Camp is an interactive,
research-based training experience
that provides participants with tools
and lifestyle tips to keep their brains
vital and healthy. This one-time, three-hour
session is designed for people with mild
age-related memory concerns or mild cognitive impairment, who
wish to improve or maintain their memory ability.
Is Brain Boot Camp Right For Me?
Do you have trouble remembering names and faces?
Do you want support for a healthy heart and brain diet?
Do you wish to improve your memory ability?
Do you have a busy schedule?
Brain Boot Camp may be right for you.
How to Register
Call program coordinator at 310-794-6314
What Participants Are Saying
You offered me a ton of hope.
It has helped my ability to juggle a lot of things. Right now I’m juggling more now that I have in the past 10 years and handling it very well.
I’m using the skills every day and throughout the day.
The skills that I’ve learned made a huge contribution to my life.